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About Us


Welcome, fine chocolate lovers

Winchester Cocoa Company is an award-winning chocolaterie, making luxury filled chocolates and bars using fresh ingredients and fine couverture chocolate. We create delicate, imaginative flavour combinations designed to make your taste buds come alive.

A passion for flavour

Our chocolates are made for lovers of great cocoa who enjoy fresh, intriguing flavour combinations and chocolates that are less sweet and more natural tasting than mass produced alternatives.

We’re passionate about making all our centres by hand using fresh fruit purées, natural flavourings, nuts, herbs and spices. We’re inspired by classic and contemporary flavours, combining them to create the most mouth-watering and refined chocolate taste experiences.


We're lucky enough to have been recognised by the most respected taste buds in British chocolate, having won several awards for our chocolates and bars every year between 2015 and 2019 from the Academy of Chocolate and the British round of the International Chocolate Awards.  


Orange and Assam Tea




Yuzu chilli

Yuzu chilli



Hazelnut praline

Rhubarb & Ginger

Dark sea salt caramel

Orange & fennel

Smooth hazelnut bar

Pecan & maple syrup toffee bar


Ginger and muscovado caramel

Earl Grey with lemon

Chai tea & vanilla

Raspberry, lime and mint

Almond, orange and sea salt bar

Ethical & sustainable chocolate

We use the finest quality chocolate in our products. Our main couverture chocolate supplier is Felchlin. Their Grand Cru range uses noble varieties of cocoa bean from single regions to create chocolate with distinctive cocoa flavours and excellent character. Felchlin chocolate is sourced ethically and sustainably - Where possible using direct relationships with farmers and farmer’s cooperatives.

Read more about Felchlin’s approach to ethical and sustainable chocolate

We also use chocolate from wonderful craft producers including Chocolaterie A. Morin in France.

Other ingredients

We don't insist on Fairtrade certification but look to purchase all our key ingredients from local suppliers or companies that can demonstrate a responsible and ethical approach to their suppliers and the environment. For example Billingtons supply our unrefined sugar, our cream comes from an organic farm in Wiltshire and Felchlin pay above Fair Trade prices to their cocoa bean growers and use long term contracts.

Quality and locality

We love great British produce and try to use it where we can. Our main cream supplier has an organic Guernsey herd and hails from just down the road in Wiltshire. Other local suppliers include Summerdown mint, tea blends from Char teas, coffee from Winchester Coffee Roasters and local craft spirit producers including Twisted Nose and The Wiltshire Liqueur Company.

Weddings and business orders

We're happy to supply commercial orders for corporate gifts or to the hospitality sector. We can also supply our chocolates in small packages or custom boxes for wedding favours and other special occasions. The chocolates can be from our standard range or we can design a finish or flavour to perfectly complement your requirements or menu. Just drop us an email if you want to discuss a large order.

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